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Quality, Integrity and Results

Pixel Tracing is a group of experienced and skilled professionals, we are India based image processing company you can trust. We provide specialized services to faith based organizations. If your requirements are outside our capabilities, we believe in turning away business with integrity. But if your requirements are within our capabilities, we're probably one of the few organizations that can guarantee satisfaction and results.

we encourage constant communication. We want to know how big of an impact we made on your business 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year or forever after the project.

Experience - our graphic design team have years of experience creating solutions for faith based ministries. We know how to balance the cost efficiency of off-the-shelf solutions with your custom requirements and brand.

Turn to us with confidence because of our professional Team and Zero Defect Quality Policy. We offer wide variety of services to help you meet your digital editing needs. Our services will help meet your image editing needs.

We have experience working on all kind of small and large images processing projects. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced graphic professionals works on the image and photo retouching requirements for our clients. We have the expertise to deal with any image retouching project

Overnight Delivery of Urgent Image cut-out requirements we work as back office service provider for photo retouching requirements of professional photographers across the globe. if you are looking for a outsource partner to do photo editing for your ecommerce store or product images then try our service and we assure you 100% satisfactory result.

Team and Infrastructure

We have team of graphic artists to cater to various photo retouching requirements as listed below

We have state of art infrastructure with high end Sun make work station with professional series calibrated dual monitors. Our studio is designed with day light environment to ensure proper colour correction. Set up is provided with 2MBPS, 1:1 dedicated bandwidth which can be expanded as require.

Image Transfer,
We provide FTP facility for uploading images.

Client base:
We have client across from major outsourcing companies like US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada etc. Our wide spread client provide us varied experience on retouching requirements.

We look forward for your requirements like: Images Cut Out, retouching, Image Editing, Masking services, Trial Images of Clipping Path & Hair Masking, if you need some images to be lens corrected, Image background cleaning, graduation pic editing, image cut out, Image cut outs of products, Image tracing, Masking test, image enhancement, looking For a photo editor For process raw images, wedding images, image editinr, White background processing, photo cutout service, need a service that can replace backgrounds or at least make it interesting, photographer who work for klients that sels houses and apartments. Need help to retoush these kind of photos, Photos test, Background removal, image editing for ebay, image editing for amazon, image editing for ecommerce website, photo exhibition editing, Clipping background out of images, clipping path service, outsourced retouching suppliers, purely for gauging the quality of work, earmarks of the cow removed on the image, coins images editing, Pixel Tracing: background removal quotation, Cartoon images colouring, cartoon coloring, cartoon drawing to vector image, jewelery images cutout, jewelery images editing, jewelry image editing, jewellery image editing, retouch of some pictures from chocolate, chocolate picture retouching, Background alteration, remove the background from a coin image, crop it, and slightly enhance it, looking for partner for superior image editing, Photography Services, wedding clients out of Images and put them onto amazing backgrounds, Illustrator path trace, Background Deletion

How our service is useful?

Our expertise could be useful in relation to:

  • Stock Photo Services
  • Image Tracing
  • Image masking
  • Image re-touching - Cleaning and Cloning, adding watermark
  • Indexing and key wording
  • Colorization
  • Photo Restoration
  • Removing unwanted objects, backgrounds etc.
  • Vector Graphics

Our Image Processing Services could be useful for:

  • Photographers
  • Studios
  • Art Galleries
  • Magazine Editors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Online Shopping Stores
  • ebay compatible image editing
  • amazon standard image formating and cutting out
  • ecommerce compatible, for web use image optimization

Things we Do

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You can send us few images via email. However, If you need to send multiple images, please contact us and we will create an FTP account for you to upload the images

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