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About Pixel Tracing

Pixel Tracing is a group of experienced professionals, a company you can trust. We provide specialized services to faith based organizations. If your requirements are outside our capabilities, we believe in turning away business with integrity. But if your requirements are within our capabilities, we're probably one of the few organizations that can guarantee satisfaction and results.

we encourage constant communication. We want to know how big of an impact we made on your business 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year or forever after the project.

Experience - our graphic design team have years of experience creating solutions for faith based ministries. We know how to balance the cost efficiency of off-the-shelf solutions with your custom requirements and brand.

Turn to us with confidence because of our professional Team and Zero Defect Quality Policy. We offer wide variety of services to help you meet your digital editing needs. Our services will help meet your image editing needs.

We have experience working on all kind of small and large images processing projects. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced graphic professionals works on the image and photo retouching requirements for our clients. We have the expertise to deal with any image retouching project